Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I obtain more information about the Home Affordable Modification Program?

Cimarron is a participant with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and FHA in the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP).  The HAMP is to assist borrowers to either restructure or refinance mortgages to avoid foreclosure.  The HAMP can help responsible homeowners who are at risk of default or are facing foreclosure. 

To obtain information concerning your eligibility for the HAMP, please contact Cimarron Mortgage's Loss Mitigation Department at 800-949-6699.

Also, available to you is Free Counseling Help through the HOPE NOW Alliance which includes a number of counseling organizations, which consists of all HUD intermediaries that have offices across the United States.  The Homeowner's HOPE Hotline is 888-995-HOPE (4673).

How can I get EOY Tax Information?

IRS Tax Form 1098's will be mailed no later than January 31.  EOY Information is now available online under the View Your Account section.

How can I obtain a Payoff Statement on my mortgage?

Please call Cimarron's Customer Service department at 800-949-6699 for information to request a payoff statement.

Please allow 48 hours to process payoff requests.

WE DO NOT RELEASE VERBAL PAYOFF FIGURES OVER THE PHONE. Payoffs are not posted on weekends or holidays. Our business hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00-5:00 CST.

Does Cimarron report to the Credit Bureaus?

Cimarron reports to four credit bureaus on a monthly basis: Innovis Data Solutions, Trans Union, Equifax and Experian. Loans with payments not received by the last business day of the month will be reported as delinquent. We will inform a credit bureau about a late payment, missed payment or other default on your account. This information will be reflected in your credit report. If you have any questions or believe there has been an inaccurate reporting to the credit bureaus by Cimarron, please write Cimarron Mortgage, Attention: Cliff Fincher, Loan Servicing Manager,
P. O. Box 12830, Jackson, MS 39236-2830 or call Mr. Fincher at 1-800-949-6699.

Important Information Regarding Your Property Taxes

File Homestead Exemption annually (if applicable) to avoid higher property taxes. Contact your city or county tax authority for assistance. Cimarron employs a tax service to obtain scheduled real estate tax bills directly from your taxing authority; however, supplemental tax bills should be mailed to Cimarron immediately. Penalties assessed on supplemental taxes will be the responsibility of the homeowner.

How can I contact Cimarron?

Cimarron’s business hours are 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. CT, Monday through Friday.

Our office is located at 6311 Ridgewood Road, Suite W400, Jackson, MS 39211.

Cimarron’s customer service telephone numbers are:
800-949-6699 (Toll Free)
601-899-1500 (Direct)
601-899-1502 (Fax).

Always include your loan number on any correspondence to Cimarron.
Mail payments and correspondence to:
Cimarron Mortgage Company, P. O. Box 12830, Jackson, MS 39236-2830.

How do I notify Cimarron about a change in my Hazard Insurance?

Notify Cimarron 30 days prior to the expiration date of your existing hazard insurance policy (i.e. homeowners, fire, windstorm or flood) if you plan to change policies. You or your new agent are responsible for mailing or faxing a “Notice of Insurance Change” to this office. If a policy is changed at a time other than the present expiration date, you will be responsible for paying the first year’s premium and any applicable substitution fee. Proof of insurance is required on all escrow and non-escrow loans. Contact our Hazard Insurance Department for further information.

When am I charged a Late Charge on my payment?

Any payment received in this office after the 16th* of the month will be assessed a late charge as defined in your Mortgage document. Cimarron is not responsible for mail delays and will not accept post dated checks.

*Or the late charge assessment date as specified in the “Note”.

How are my payments processed?

Cimarron identifies and posts all payments on the date received. By writing your loan number and any special instructions directly on your check, we are able to ensure proper credit to your account. Your canceled check provides proof of the receipt of your payment. DO NOT SEND CASH. Additional funds included with your monthly mortgage payment must be clearly identified. Any unidentified funds will be applied to outstanding fees due and then to principal.

How can I make my mortgage payment to Cimarron?


Cimarron can automatically draft your payment on the 1st, 5th, 10th or 14th of the month.  Please call 1-800-949-6699 for more information about our draft program.

Mail a check or money order to:
Cimarron Mortgage
P. O. Box 12830
Jackson, MS 39236-2830

Send a check or money order by overnight courier to:
Cimarron Mortgage
6311 Ridgewood Road, Suite W400
Jackson, MS 39211

Cimarron will also accept payments through the WESTERN UNION QUICK COLLECT service. Look for the BLUE Quick Collect form at your nearest Western Union office to receive the discounted Western Union fee. Cimarron charges $5.00 to process a Western Union collection. Our code city is "Cimarron" and our code state is "MS".

DO NOT SEND CASH.  Always include your loan number on your check.